Destination Wedding: One-Of-A Kind Favor!

Thank you tagFavors are a part of so many celebrations and weddings probably rank at the top of the list. A favor for your wedding guests thanks them for sharing your special day. A wedding is THE celebration of all celebrations – and I believe a favor should be a unique, special way to remember the moment.

Honestly…I love favors! I have always made favors for everything and naturally, I was beyond excited to come up with the favors for the wedding. You know how we sometimes get a creative vision for something that hits us like a freight train? That’s exactly what happened to me for Scott and Chelsea’s wedding favor – I knew just what I was going to do and how I wanted it to look!

Not one to typically sing my own praises, I am today!! I SO hope my working-on-it photography skills don’t dilute just how awesome these turned out! The favor for the wedding was a handmade scrapbook. With embellished, blank pages, the book would be a place for family and friends to keep special photos of the wedding and the entire trip. My hope was (is) that this favor would be a cherished keepsake that the guests will have for many, many years. More details on the books toward the end of the post!

I wanted the cover of the book to represent how my mind’s eye saw the “beach” wedding. Here’s the scrapbook favor cover!

Wedding Scrapbook Favor Cover

I used the inside of the book to share a personal thank you note to the guests from Scott and Chelsea.

Thank you inside cover

The opposite page was a Spanish welcome!

Welcome Page 1

Here are all of the inside pages!!

Scrapbook favor page

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For the back cover, I put together a map of the destination location and photos from the resort.

Scrapbook back cover

How to make a pretty, easy presentation for a scrapbook favor? The books fit perfectly in a 1 lb., two-piece white candy box. I made little tags for each box, with the guests’ names on the back (we gave one scrapbook per couple or one per person), wrapped the books in tissue and tied with organza ribbon. Here’s how some of them looked on a table, with a thank you sign.

table of favor boxes

Plus, I included this little note in each favor box, just so everyone knew what it was when they opened it and what to do with the scrapbooks.

Favor card

And here’s the scrapbook again! <smiles> What do you think? I was thrilled with the final result and the guests just loved them!

Wedding scrapbook favor

The house was definitely a scrapbook factory for WEEKS and I don’t think there was an empty, flat surface in the house. (Pardon my coat, vacuum cleaner and miscellaneous other stuff!!)

Scrapbook Factory

How did I approach this project? If you missed my post about the Zutter Bind-It-All, read it here. I could not have done this project the way I envisioned it without my Bind-It-All. I told you I was going to share an off-the-charts project made with this awesome machine!

Almost all of the embellishments were made using my Cricut Expression, my computer, trusty scissors and lots of Stickles and glitter. I like everything about the front cover (can’t you tell?) I used real beach sand for the “beach” area and I like the little cloud, outlined in white flocking, with a proclamation of the celebration!!


I also like the technique I used for the “champagne glasses.” I cut the outlines of the glass with transparencies, the “champagne” with metallic gold paper and used Crystal Stickles on the transparency for an illusion of crystal glasses. Plus, Gold Stickle bubbles!

Champagne glasses

Scrapbook favors may be a bit more of a challenge for a large wedding, but not impossible! (I never think ANYTHING is impossible!)

Details and recommendations for making a scrapbook favor

  • These books measure 7 1/2″ x 5″. There are 8 front and back pages, for a total of 16 pages for photos. Of course, they can be smaller or larger!
  • Design your front and back covers – sketching helps!
  • Sketch out how you want your book to flow and an idea of what you want on each page.
  • Use the inside cover to share a personal thank you!
  • Do everything at once and at the same time if possible! Do all of the punching, cut all of the paper, make all of the embellishments, etc.
  • I’m happy to provide any more details if someone wants to make this…just drop me a line.

Consider making a scrapbook favor for a wedding or other special event…your guests will be wowed, have something to cherish and a tangible reminder of your celebration for many years to come.

It makes me totally happy that you stopped by today! Thank you so much!

Sharing this project at the Pinterest party celebration at Debbiedoo’s and Fox Hollow Cottage!

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  1. Very sweet Cindy, I just pinned it to my craft board! Hope you get some new pins on this baby.

    • Debbie, thank you so much! It’s so nice of you to stop over and comment, and thanks for the Pinterest party! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.