Flashback Friday – Craft Supplies from the Past!

Happy Emme’s Flashback Friday! I’m never quite certain when something is actually classified as vintage and maybe I’m not alone? Antiques, I know, are generally items that are 100 years or older. Cars that are between 20 and 40 years old are considered “classic” and over 45 years are antique – at least, I’m pretty sure. A former boss and now dear friend collects classic/antique cars, so I’d better be on track with that one! Now when it comes to craft supplies – I have to be honest, I’m not really sure what the rules are. Maybe we can use the car classification! If the craft supply is over 20 years old, it’s vintage. Works for me, what do you think?

All this chatter about vintage because I thought it would be fun to share some “vintage” craft supplies today. As the family has been sorting through Emme’s house, my two fabulous sisters-in-law have pretty much allowed me carte blanche as far as craft supplies go – and to me, its felt a bit like discovering buried treasure. No doubt about it, I’ve probably spent way too many hours looking through all of these boxes! Some of the things have surprised, delighted, charmed and even perplexed me a bit. I am determined to make something with every single craft item I’ve brought home – and I really want your help to point me in the right direction on what we should make!

So glitter is a staple for most of us die-hard, sparkle loving crafters, but this particular package of glitter just gave me a smile! You have to love the hair and fashion of the industrious crafters on the package – and check out the date! This unopened and almost pristine “box” of glitter is 41 years old. I almost feel like I shouldn’t even open it!

Craft'n fun glitter

Copyright on glitter box

Here’s a product that I was not familiar with at all – Angel Hair made from spun glass. A quick bit of research and it looks as though spun glass angel hair, which was actually made from fiberglass, was used for Christmas decorating. It is no longer made and was apparently taken off the market due to health concerns.

Angel hair

How about this warning on the back that says “Caution – Spun Glass. Protect Handing When Using? I guess that means you need to use gloves! The little angel on the box is totally adorable, though. Honestly, I have no recollection of ever seeing angel hair used by my grandfather, Mr. Christmas, and my ever-inquiring little mind would have definitely had my hands all over it! Maybe this stuff should stay in the box – what do you think? I have to be honest, though, that I have a pretty vision of making an art project using the angel hair as clouds with little white lights and the word Dream….do you think that would be safe?? Wonder if I could put it under glass? Thoughts? Use it? Or keep it in the box just to be safe?

Back of Angel Hair package

Moving from Christmas to Easter, this little gem just gave me the biggest laugh! The Decoregger! How funny is this! It’s a little machine and you clamp in a hard-boiled egg, turn it and pens decorate the egg. There is actually still a tag on this, from a drug store that was bought out by a larger chain years ago. Cost? $1.39! So definitely trying this for Easter! We’ll see if it works, or rather, if I can MAKE it work. We’ll have a good laugh, if nothing else.


Down to two things that have me very intrigued. Burlap is, of course, a hot crafting product right now and while the product itself is not vintage, I know this particular burlap is vintage and a great find. Check out this box of burlap ribbon in all kinds of colors. It’s all burlap, though the back is coated so it has a bit of structure. Most of the rolls are about 3/4” wide and colors range from red, to yellow, to pretty mint green, chocolate brown, orange, and of course, natural burlap. What should we make with the burlap ribbon? The possibilities are exciting!

Box of burlap ribbon

Burlap ribbon

Last for today, but definitely not least, is this craft book that I cannot stop looking at or thinking about. It’s called Ribbon Straw and these craft items are just gorgeous!

Ribbon Straw craft book

The “ribbon straw” was woven on circular looms and according to a little research, this was a wildly popular craft in the 60’s and 70’s. I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to see if I can find ribbon straw and sounds like it is no longer being made. That can’t be true!! While I have my fingers crossed and double-crossed that we come across a stash of ribbon straw at Emme’s, there has to be some kind of similar substitute on the market…doesn’t there? Any ideas? Thoughts? I think I saw the “looms” at Emme’s but didn’t know what they were at the time. Girls, if you’re reading today’s post, I really want the looms! Does anyone think that raffia ribbon might work? I’m obsessed with trying to make one of these projects! Here’s what it says about ribbon straw inside the book, and see the year – 1967!

Ribbon Straw directions


copyright on ribbon straw book

The girls found this darling little wooden house at Emme’s – The Craft House. Yes, Emme’s house was most definitely the Craft House, among many other wonderful things. The little house has been given to me and the Craft House torch has been passed. To me, it’s both an incredible blessing and a huge responsibility. There’s a whole lot of crafting history to continue and the bar has been set really, really high! There’s a new generation, plus lots of wonderful friends, both old and new, to inspire, share with, and create. A craft house, whether brick and mortar or virtual, is a place for sharing. So my little blog is our “craft” house and whatever we do here is truly about sharing, joy and fun!

House of Crafts

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of these fun things as much as I had sharing them! I’ll be back on Sunday with a pretty dessert. Plus, a mini-series on tap for next week that I’m so excited to share! Have the best weekend…Spring is just about a month away!




  1. Oh how fun! I am totally envious of that burlap ribbon!!

  2. LOVE it – such a sweet little “blast from the past”!! xo,