Groovy Candy Coated Oreos

Groovy Candy Coated Oreos - bright, mod flowered candy Oreos perfect for spring or a 60's party! littlemisscelebration.comMy new friends might not know this but I have this thing for candy Oreo molds – I just have to make them for every season! What’s perfect for springtime, May Day, Mother’s Day and all our celebrations at this time of year? Flowers, of course! Not just any flowers, though. I’m channeling the 60’s and my love of the show Mad Men with these bright, mod, Groovy Candy Coated Oreos. You might want to grab a pair of retro sunglasses first!

Out of all the molded, candy coated Oreos I’ve shared, these are definitely the easiest to make and a great one to try for the first time. I picked up this Wilton mold at JoAnn.

Groovy Candy Coated Oreos - bright, mod flowered candy Oreos perfect for spring or a 60's party!

For lots of detail and tips on “painting” candy molds, visit some of my earlier candy making posts here and here. I used vanilla flavored CandiQuik; after melting it in the microwave, I transferred the melted candy to individual bowls, using my trusty, old candy making electric frying pan to keep the candy at the right temperature. Since I wanted really bright, over-the-top colors, I used candy coloring to create the vibrant colors. Just remember, you need to use oil-based colors to color, candy, not frosting color.

Groovy Candy Coated Oreos - bright, mod flowered candy Oreos perfect for spring or a 60's party!

Fill in the flowers with one or two colors, let set, fill each cookie mold cavity 2/3 full with melted candy – I used vanilla – and tap the mold a counter or table a few times to remove any air bubbles. Gently press in your Oreo and place the mold in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Unmold the cookies on paper towels and we’ve got some groovy candy coated Oreos!

Groovy Candy Coated Oreos - bright, mod flowered candy Oreos perfect for spring or a 60's party!

I think a lot of my bloggy friends would agree that after sleep, and perhaps a little sanity :) the next thing to go when you start blogging is television. Even if it has meant giving up another precious hour of sleep, there’s no way I was giving up Mad Men once I started blogging. At least the season is short.

Here I thought my groovy cookies would be the perfect treat to drown my sorrows when the series ends this season. Here’s how NOT on the ball I’ve been lately – I only just discovered that the final fourteen episodes of Mad Men are being split into two seasons and the last seven won’t air until spring, 2015. I have to start the grieving process all over again next year? Oh well, in the interim, at least there will be candy coated Oreos!

Groovy Candy Coated Oreos - bright, mod flowered candy Oreos perfect for spring or a 60's party!

Make some fun, flower candy covered Oreos in any colors for your spring and summer celebrations!

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Are you a fan of Man Men? I’d love to hear what you think of the season so far! Thanks for stopping by, wishing everyone a happy May Day, and treat yourself to a flower and an Oreo!

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  1. Groovy, Cindy, just groovy! I’m flashing the peace sign, too! You have outdone yourself on this one, girl! I’ve got to rush right out and buy the candy molds to make these. I doubt mine will turn out as beautiful as yours, but I’ll sure give it a try!

    My daughter loves Mad Men, too!


  2. Julie Fultz says:

    These are absolutely beautiful!! Love, love, love them!!

    • Thanks, Julie!! I should have had a plate of these with my 60’s Halloween costume, lol. Happy Friday!

  3. How stinkin’ cute are those!? Love them! I can see these being great for parties or send-home happies, soften the colors for teas and showers! This is great! pinning

    • Hi Paula! These would be great for spring/summer parties and yes, a softer color palette or sunglasses as a go-with, lol. Thanks so much for the pin, my friend! Have a happy Friday!

  4. Oh wow! These are so cute! Great job!

    • Thanks, Jaren! It’s so much fun to make these and more fun to eat them! :) Thanks for visiting and have a happy Friday!

  5. Cindy these are so fun!! Love them :) and definitely a treat for watching Mad Men..possibly my favorite show! Sadly we don’t have cable so I have to wait for the DVDs to come out! Ugh!

    • Hi Serene – it’s my all-time favorite show, too! Oh, I can’t believe you have to wait for the DVD’s…well, we’ll have to have a season 7 gab fest once you’re all caught up. Thanks so much for visiting and hope you have a happy Friday!

  6. These are so fun and pretty Cindy These would be a hit at any party or gathering! Love them – pinning :)

    • Thank you, Kelly! These were fun and you can definitely see these from a mile away! :) So sweet of you to visit and pin, thank you! Have a happy Friday!

  7. LOVE these Oreos, Cindy. Anything groovy is pretty rad in my book. :) Are you all caught up on Mad Men? We just finished season 6 on Netflix. I think we will wait to watch season 7 until it comes out on Netflix. I just love that show so much and will be sad to see it end. Seriously, we have had days where we sit around and watch 3-4 episodes in a row!

    • Thanks, Julie! Oh, I’m psyched to know you guys are MM fans, too! Yes, I am all caught up and can’t wait until you see the current season and hear what you think. I’m really going to miss this show; usually on Sunday mornings, I’ll watch reruns of past episodes on AMC early in the morning when I’m cooking. :)

  8. Cindy, These are so cute and look like lots of fun to make. I’m lovin’ the spring designs. Pinning these! P.S. I remember the 60’s!

    • Thanks, Joan! They were a lot of fun, especially the really bright colors! Thank you so much for your visit and the pin. Hope you’re having a great week!

  9. Well, don’t feel so left behind… my oldest son had to explain what Mad Men even was to my husband. HE has seriously been living under a rock! (But then I have to keep explaining what a hashtag is…) Maybe he’d love to be back in the 60’s. So much simpler back then!
    In love with the style and colors of this creation, my friend!

    • Gloria, you are too funny – though I think we have very similar hubbies! Mine would not know what a hashtag was if it bit him, he’s the polar opposite in terms of technology, lol. Though I find that endearing – frustrating at time, but endearing! If we’re ever all together and have a 60’s party, I’ll bring these. :) Thanks for visiting and have a happy Friday!

  10. Cindy you are too cute and way more patient than I am, I would probably just give up and start drizzling all those pretty colors on top!

    • Hi Emily – no, I know you would do a fabulous job and these are so much fun to make! I just bet you’ll be making some kind of candy coated Oreos one day for the children – they’ll love them! :) Thank you so much for visiting and happy Friday!

  11. Those are awesome Cindy!! I never got into that show,and I have no idea why not. Maybe I will just get the videos and watch them after the fact, so I don’t have to wait week to week, lol. I will make sure to make these groovy candy coated oreos before I start watching!!

    • Thanks, Lisa! Oh, I think you’d like this show, I have no doubt – and see, if you need something to watch, you have 6 seasons (and the new one!) to turn to! :) Thanks for stopping by, my friend! Happy Friday!

  12. Cindy, I loved your candy coated oreos so much that I immediately ordered the candy molds (and several other designs) from Amazon! I’m going to try making them for one of my hit and miss Wednesday posts. I know they will be a big hit. The hit or miss part is to see if mine turn out half as beautiful as yours! I’m quaking in my shoes and have my fingers (and toes) crossed! Thanks for linking up at our new Pretty Pintastic Party.

    • Alli, I know you’ll do a great job and these cookies are so much fun to make! It just takes a bit of practice and you’ll be a pro – I can’t wait to see! :) Thanks so much for the party and I’m looking forward to partying with you every Friday. Enjoy your day!

  13. These are adorable!! I love all of your candy coated oreos! Especially the Halloween ones

    • Hi Shamene! Thank you so much and it’s so sweet of you to visit! I have a lot of fun making these and everyone else loves eating them! :) Hope you have a happy Saturday and a fabulous weekend!

  14. I love how these look and all the different options. I have many made up holidays in my family so these would such a fun treat to decorate!

    • Hi Pamela! These are fun to make and of course, can be done in any color combinations for any occasion, plus just about everyone loves Oreos! Thank you so much for visiting! Hope you have a happy Saturday and a wonderful weekend!

  15. These are gorgeous!!

    • Jess, thank you and I’m happy you like them – they’re a lot of fun to make! Enjoy your day and thanks so much for visiting!

  16. These are beautiful and a great way to add some much needed “Mad Men” style to plain old Oreos.

    • Hi Carmody! Thank you so much! I just couldn’t resist putting a little 60’s Mad Men spin on these Oreos. :) It’s so sweet of you to visit! Hope you have a happy and wonderful week!

  17. Cindy, these are GORGEOUS! I love all of the themed ones you’ve done too! So fun! I’d love to see you link these up at my Skip The Housework Party!

    • Hi Melanie! Thank you so much! As you can see, I love making these Oreos! :) Thank you so much for the party – I’m all linked up and look forward to joining the party every week. Hope you had a happy Monday and enjoy your week!

  18. You’re an artist! These are just too cute! So you just proved an Oreo can taste even better!

  19. Love these Oreos!! What a cool idea!! Pinned!!!
    Stopping by from the Homemade is Happiness Linky Party to say Hi!! :)

    • Hi Elina! Thank you so much for your sweet visit, pin and comment! These Oreos are so much fun to make! Hope your week is off to a wonderful start!

  20. OMGosh those are so pretty! Who doesn’t like candy coated Oreos? Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday linky party.

  21. Jamie @ Love Bakes Good Cakes says:

    These are so fun, Cindy! I need to get with the times – I have never watched that show!! Sounds like I need to check it out! :)

    • Thanks, Jamie! I know your plate runneth over with the children, schooling and the blog, but it you can, Mad Men is worth a watch!

  22. Beautiful….I love all of the oreo seasons! 😉 I’m so glad you brought these to Treasure Box Tuesday- sharing on Facebook this afternoon at 3:30 p.m. CST! :)

    • Thank you, Joy, for your visit, the party and the share! Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day, my friend!

  23. These are so cute!!! You are super creative – love it!

  24. These are fabulous, Cindy!! They look like little works of art….so pretty to take to a spring or summer party!

  25. Love it!! So fun! Pinned! Thanks for sharing this at our party. Please come and show off on Monday at 7 pm. We would love it.
    Happy Saturday! Lou Lou Girls

  26. I love all of your candy coated oreos, Cindy! I’ll be featuring these tomorrow with our feature picks! XO

    • Hi Christy!! Thank you so much – I just loved the flower party and am honored to be included with the features! I’ll be popping over to visit!


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